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Right Person, Right Place, Right Time…

Online Call Center and CSR Staff Scheduling Software

Scheduling your agents to fit your call volume is a never-ending task. You are regularly slowed down with shift swaps, unexpected open shifts, unanticipated call volume swings, requests for time off and the manual schedule is out of date the minute it's published.

You are expected to have your call center perfectly staffed while reducing call center costs, increasing agent throughput, and improving service levels. The time you spend fine tuning the schedule is time away from working directly with your agents to improve their skills and attain the fiscal, operational, and cultural goals of the organization.

Call center workforce optimization software solutions typically require a large capital investment and extensive IT involvement so you continue to struggle with your scheduling spreadsheets. 

That is until now…

ShiftSchedules can help you streamline your schedule creation, management, and communication processes decreasing the amount of time you currently spend manually managing the employee schedule.  Your staff will be part of the solution decreasing the number of complaints and changes you must address day-in and day-out. The Right Person in the Right Place at the Right Time is now at your fingertips.

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See how ShiftSchedules can help you:

  • Increase staff optimization with forecasting your staffing needs based on anticipated call volume
  • Monitor agent adherence to the schedule in real-time allowing you to make changes immediately
  • Track and analyze key scheduling metrics to optimize staff scheduling based on call volume and other factors
  • Web-based accessibility for you and your staff so everyone has the latest information at their fingertips
  • Optimize time off and fairness via calendar visibility to all requested, approved and taken time off
  • Increase staff productivity and satisfaction with the use of collaborative scheduling (Open Shift Management) where your staff interact with the schedule

All of this deployed easily and cost effectively in the cloud. ShiftHound is Software-as-a-Service meaning there are regular updates, quick implementation, immediate ROI, all with no IT requirement.

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