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Right Person, Right Place, Right Time…

Online Nurse and Medical Staff Scheduling Software

Staff scheduling is a thankless task that takes a lot of a manager's time away from what they need to be doing… MANAGING! Most manual schedules require constant attention and take hours if not days a week to reflect an accurate schedule on paper or in a spreadsheet. Managers are constantly slowed down with shift swaps, unexpected open shifts, requests for time off, changing staffing needs based on census... and the manual schedule is out of date the minute it's printed.

If that isn't enough, managers are expected to handle these scheduling challenges while serving the greater goals of the organization: reduce labor costs, increase retention, ensure you meet state mandated staffing levels and increase staff productivity and satisfaction. This daunting week in, week out task is viewed as just a tactical part of the that receives little recognition, but ultimately can impact the bottom line and patient care.

ShiftSchedules staff scheduling software is the lifeline; an easy to use, web-based employee scheduling solution that highlights and alerts managers to areas of staffing concern. ShiftSchedules ensures departments are properly staffed (not under OR over the target) based on hours per patient day (HPPD) projections while providing other information to help control your costs. The Right Person in the Right Place at the Right Time is now at your fingertips.

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See how ShiftSchedules can help you:

  • Increase staff productivity and satisfaction with the use of Open Shift Management (we created this collaborative method of scheduling back in 2000)
  • Proactively manage your schedule with a strong communication platform
  • Save money by reducing overtime, over staffing and use of contract labor by alerts of areas where overspend will occur
  • Increase continuity of care by leveraging your workforce that is familiar with your facility and procedures
  • Be in compliance, meet mandated staffing levels

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