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FREE Online Staff Scheduling Software for Retail

Right Person, Right Place, Right Time…

Having your store properly staffed makes a big difference to your bottom line. You must have enough employees in the store to handle customer load, but having an extra person standing around only drives down your bottom line. Your employees are always focused on fairness in the schedule regarding shifts they work and over-time offered, but do you have the visibility you need to back up your decisions?

Ensuring you have the correct match of supervisor and floor staff while juggling all of the individual wants, needs, and expectations of the employees is a mind numbing chore. Pieces of paper, phone calls, emails and text messages inform you of each employees needs and changes requiring you to refer to many different places when setting or managing the schedule.

ShiftSchedules can help you with this disjointed process bringing all communication of needs, wants and changes to one simple place. Your staff will be part of the solution decreasing the number of complaints and changes you must address day-in and day-out. The Right Person in the Right Place at the Right Time is now at your fingertips.

FREE Online Scheduling!

See how ShiftSchedules can help you:

  • Web-based accessibility - for you and your staff so everyone has the latest information in real-time
  • Multiple Job Types - handles multiple job types (positions, skills, groups, crews, etc). Only staff that can work a shift can see it, swap for it, or fill it.
  • Open Shift Management (OSM) - let your staff log-in and fill open shifts online and do other scheduling chores (swaps, PTO, etc). Managers just click to approve/deny and notification is sent instantly by email or text message.
  • Last Minute Needs - managers can see who is available to work for last minute needs and instantly communicate via email and/or cell phone text message.
  • Enterprise Wide - handles multiple Divisions, Facilities and/or Departments - employees can be shared (or not) across any or all, as required.

All of this deployed easily and cost effectively in the cloud. ShiftHound is Software-as-a-Service meaning there are regular updates, quick implementation, immediate ROI, all with no IT requirement.

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